I call this a tragedy not because I feel sorry for Ted Bundy, but the tragedy was what a waste of life he was. He could have done almost anything and he was absolutely brilliant. Look how he did during his trial trying to represent himself when he didnt even go to law school for that long of a time. He had everything he needed to be successful in life, but he absolutely blew when something in his head did a complete flip and thats what the tragedy is. Ann Rule started to really get on my nerves. I tried to defend her and all of her “I”s before but I cant anymore. The whole beginning part of the book she kept on believing Ted was innocent and then after he was convicted of murder, she said she knew he was guilty all along. A little bit of hind sight bias? On the other hand, I did like how at the end of the book she listed all of the names of the victims who were or are supposed to have been murdered by Ted. And next to the victims name, she added alive, dead, or gone and I found that extremely powerful. I feel bad for the families in the other states where Ted is suspected to have killed because they may know that their child is dead, but the man was never convicted for it and I guess theoretically, the case is still open today?

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