The Interview

I thought the interview that Capote did with Bobby Beausoleil was very interesting. I like how Bobby really wanted to see gas chamber, but never had the opportunity because he was taken off of the row. But Capote was able to describe it too him and than he mentioned the third room which nobody knows about thats behind the holding cell. It was the most haunting room that hes ever been in where they keep all of the stuff that the executed during their last night. It was creepy when he says… Unfinished crossword puzzles. Unfinished letters. The creepy thing is you know that they are never going to be finished because something got in the way that finished them. I also find it cool that Capote knew Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald, RFK, and JFK. The beginning of the interview reminded me of In Cold Blood because he opens it up like a movie. Starting with “scene” then describes the sell in which Bobby is in.

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