The Ending

This was one of the best books i have ever read and I got it done in record time for me. I didnt want to put it down. The style in which it was written is absolutely incredible. The entire time reading it I felt like i was first part of the detective team tracking the thugs down and then interrogating them. Then I felt like I was a lawyer in the trial going through the jurors, the witnesses, and all the paper work. Finally when they were in the row i found it extremely cool getting the perspective of what its like being on death row and what goes through their minds. I guess the police got lucky for Floyd Wells hearing about the murders on the radio and calling it in because what a break that was. The goons would probably have never been caught. One more thing is with Lowell Andrews, the college student who murdered his family. That reminded me of back when I was in middle school a kid in high school murdered his family. His mother, father and two younger brothers in cold blood. That was called the Browning Murder.

One thought on “The Ending

  1. I totally agree I loved Capote’s style in “In Cold Blood”. I mean check the name, “In Cold Blood.” I wonder if it’s a book on Lowell Andrews, written by Capote would just be great !

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