I think it is a really cool book because you are getting the personal view of what it appears to be one of the most hardcore gangstas there is. And it is probably very rare for any other gangster to write a memoir about his experiences. On the flip side I think this book is also very good because it really shows how screwed up our cities are and how these particular types of people drain our society. I wish when Monster was shot 6 times in the parking lot alley that he never made it to the hospital alive. It is a shame that the people of Los Angelas need to waste their hard earned tax dollars on such a waste of life like Monster. He was in the hospital for weeks and its not right to the good people to have to pay for this thug who had to go to the hospital later for being shot again while trying to steal a van from a man. Plus his type also takes a burden on the justice system because they run out of room for them in jail, create a backup with court dates, waste money on public defenders and cost a ton to be locked up in jail. And they go through the system again and again and again. I feel like the money he made on this book should go back to the people of L.A. for having to pay for this thug almost his entire life. Plus he had a kid when he was 16 and up to this point has never saw her and how does the baby get money to live? Oh, thats right, you and me. Another thing i cant stand is how he compares himself and the gangs to soldiers in a war. I find that to be a disgrace. These people are not soldiers at all, but the lowest form of life that society has to offer, while Soldiers and Marines are heroes who should be looked up to. His people are not fighting for a purpose or for something bigger than themselves, but instead they are only doing this for personal gain, while a soldier fights for his country and the people he loves. I know im all over the place, but i think this is a cool book to read, but i wish Monster never had the chance to write it.

One thought on “Monster

  1. I thought it was really sad that he never saw his baby. At first I thought that he was going to be in her life when he was thinking about it and everything. I totally understand how you didn’t like how he was comparing himself to the soldiers, I was thinking the whole time what does that have to do with anything you do.

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