First I just want to say that that is probably one of the worse movies I have ever seen. I am not the best at picking up bad acting, in fact Im just as bad at doing that as these actors are at doing their jobs! I can act better than that. On the other side watching the movie I did learn a lot about the case, because up until this point I really knew nothing about Manson at all. I could not stand the family. They were some of the most annoying people I have ever seen, and the way they represent themselves, especially in the courtroom is disgraceful. Also for a bunch of hippies, why are they all packing heat on the ranch? After the trial, they should have taken the guilty party outback and butchered them just like they did to those two poor families and that way they would have been dead before the State Supreme Court abolished the death penalty.

2 thoughts on “Manson

  1. I agree the acting was terrible and it made it very difficult to take the movie seriously especially because it was very long and I dont think Manson should still be alive either.

  2. Seth also agree that he thought the movie had the worst acting ever. Were in the same boat I didn’t know much about Charles Manson before this movie at all either.

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